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The Basics of Web Hosting For Writers

Look for shared, full-featured hosting for your site for a low price of around $36 per year! There should be no set-up fees. This doesn't mean there should be any skimping on features, even though the prices seem low. In fact, you should be provided with all of the tools you need to establish yourself and your words on the World Wide Web.

Find a host that caters to writers and publishers, so you can be assured of personalized support whenever you need it. You'll get the best results if you find a Web host that caters only to writers, authors, and freelancers who want to put up a web presence.

You may note that the host is strongly urging you to purchase VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. According to HowToWriteABlog.org, this type of hosting is more powerful, but only because you are more in control of the technical aspects of your author website. Stick to BlueHost WordPress hosting for writers unless you are a naturally techy person, or your next writing project is a technical writing hosting howto.

If you plan on selling books or products, Clickbank is our payment processor of choice. It's a fast, reliable and secure way of ordering online.

To host your domain simply check out the web hosting links on this page. Be sure to read the faqs and pricing pages. Registration is usually as simple as filling in a form and clicking a submit button. Make sure you're on a secure payment page.

Keep in mind that you must have your own domain in order to take advantage of hosting for writers. A domain registrar should charge you between $4 and $12 annually for your domain registration.

It is important to register a domain name that is suitable for the types of materials you will be authoring. The keywords in your domain name will help define what type of writing people expect to find on your author website.